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   В западных странах, где продолжительность жизни значительно выше, 80% населения используют различного рода БАД. В России этот показатель не превышает 3%.

Restaurant Flooring - Ground Varieties And Suitable Options

Restaurant Flooring - Ground Varieties And Suitable Options

Restaurant flooring is supposed to be chosen carefully. Epoxy, is at all times a good idea since it is pretty much probably the most durable style. It could actually better resist put on, aggression and fixed use. However, it must be used rigorously and you should not abuse it, because it provides a cold feeling to the environment.

The rustic materials are finest suited for out of doors, patios, gardens and terraces. For balconies and terraces, the epoxy should be light and porous. Refined options are higher in bathrooms and kitchens. It's all the time good to provide your restaurant that special touch.

Putting epoxy as flooring masking must be offered on a agency and degree subfloor. Socket may be dispensed as its ending is neat, but you need to use the identical models and or coatings. No epoxy needs to be cured, however sealed. The appropriate thing is to use a silicone product that doesn't change its shade or texture, however to protect the spots. You can additionally add a therapy that gives a matte or gloss end just like that carried him to the wood. Note that epoxy is best to embellish with a natural finish.

That is resistant, waterproof and easy to clean restaurant flooring option. For its distinctive easy design of veins and their decrease value, it's related to the elegance and sophistication. The epoxy is usually used in commercial kitchen flooring, places of work, pharmacies, restaurants, however care should be taken regardless of its wonderful durability. You may all the time attain an abrasive sharpening with which you will obtain high brightness level naturally, ie without wax or chemicals. The polish can be sensible, semi-gloss and matte.

Besides the pure varieties there are warmth handled options to withstand stains and enamel. While it is already robust, you'll be able to always add some additional coats.

You possibly can even paint it! Numerous colors and totally different cuts (or irregular shapes), with common or irregular surface epoxy objects are available. It is best to pay explicit consideration to the slabs that are sandy structure, as they usually break off because of the pure sand abrasion process, when such matter takes locations, you can grab some resin to cure it properly. For a better finish it's essential to remedy the slab with a stain treatment. In the slabs of dark coloration is important to keep them with wax or a special liquid to boost coloration and it doesn't turn out to be whitish.


Generally cement along with resinous kinds are used because of their great strength to pave streets. It is the similar because the type used for restaurants. If you are trying to paint your restaurant flooring, there's a variety of hues, from the grays and earthy, red and violet. You need to let your creativeness movement! You may choose from an extensive palette of colors. Some tones even vary from cream, by the sand to red. You may as well choose wisely so you can enhance your restaurant interior.

On the subject of types, you should contemplate a non slip flooring so you can keep away from worker's injuries when washing the dishes or when working fast and transferring around. These floors are built very sturdy. Website URL:

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